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When a posting is due I will be assessing you based on the following rubric:
Be sure to note each column has a range of numbers.

Question is low-level and does not require much knowledge of book.
Question starts to make group members think, but could be elaborated for a higher-level question.
Question is multi-part and requires a high level of understanding. The question really makes other group members think.

Spelling & punctuation
4+ mistakes noticed; post was hard to follow because of mistakes.
1-3 mistakes were noticed; message was still understood.
The post

s sent were written with correct spelling and punctuation.
Zero mistakes were noticed.

Response evidence
Post lacks information and provides very little analysis.
Post shows some deeper level of understanding with some evidence.
Post was fully explained and supported with evidence (quotes). Student clearly thought out and understands post.

Post was respectful
Post is rude and not respectful.
Parts of the post lack respect.
Post is respectful to other group me

mbers. Opinion is provided in a respectful manner.

Post is not organized and message is not understood.
Some choppiness to post. Organization needs to be revised.
Ideas are organized logically and effectively. Details connect to the prompt/question.


Final Score:/50

Posting Your Monolog

1. Record monolog using flip camera.
2. Drag to desktop.
3. Open up ReadingIsSocial and sign in.
4. Go to your group's book main page.
5. Click "Edit This Page"
6. In the tool bar, click "File"
7. Then click "+Upload File" and from that screen click on your video
8. Once loaded, click on the file and the file should pop up on your group's book page.

See it works..... :)