Get Started Intro to Wiki==

Step 1: Watch Video: In Plain English, by Commoncraft

Step 2: "Live and WorldWide"

  • The wiki is published on the Internet.
  • Anyone can find it and view it.
  • Remember, it's okay to use personal information, but never okay to use private information

Step 3: Personal vs. Private information.

What's an avatar? An avatar is an online identify used to allow users to have a personality while protecting private information.

Step 4: Publishing Safety Guidelines and Web Etiquette (Students will agree to these terms when requesting a user account, at the end of this lesson.

This wiki is being monitored. Please keep it clean and safe for all.
  1. Do not reveal any private information when contributing to this project.
  2. Do not login as someone else and do not share your password with others.
  3. Use good writing practices without excessive use of slang. (This is not a text message.)
  4. Do not fill the space with unnecessary punctuation. Use words instead..
  5. Remember to use your best writing, spelling and grammar. After all, you are publishing for an audience.
  6. Be respectful and considerate when replying to the ideas of others.

Step 5: Hands on Activity: Create an Avatar

Use one of the Web 2.0 tools to create an avatar.

Take a snapshot of your avatar

Step 7: Upload Avatar to Your Profile